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TIGHE INDUSTRIAL provides the following parts & full-time services to meet your needs
*  24/7 Field Service  *  PLC & HMI Support  *  AC & DC Drives  *  AC & DC Motors
*  System Integration  *  Turn-key Controls Upgrades  *  UL508A Panels  *  Programming & Design
*  SCADA  *  Board Repair  *  Servo Systems  *  Predictive Maintenance  *  Training

Valued Partners
 Bardac Drive Distributor - powerPLX, P2, V3 & E3 Series & Many More. Drive Installation & Service.
 Baldor Motor Distributor - Call Tighe for your motor needs.
 Rockwell Automation, Allen-Bradley - With a full software suite and legacy cables, Tighe can help you with your migration or new project needs.
   UL508A Panel Shop - Tighe builds your panels to UL & ULc specifications.
   Ignition by Inductive Automation - Ask about the Tighe SCADA Solution!

When TIGHE INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS (pronounced 'tie') is your go-to source for automation service and product purchases, you have peace of mind that your automation and power decisions are dependable, cost-effective and reliable.  When partnering with TIGHE INDUSTRIAL, you receive:
We understand your business has unique automation needs.  Whether you require a single control component or complete design, installation and maintenance, TIGHE INDUSTRIAL provides you with a custom solution so you can realize your company's maximum potential.
Whether you are facing a shortage of skilled workers or simply need to extend your current team's capabilities, TIGHE INDUSTRIAL provides you with an in-house, one-stop shop for Automation, PLC/Systems AND Electrical Support, our service technicians average 20+ years of specialized expertise.  You will benefit from our attention to detail and customer-first attitude.
With decades of experience using multiple product brands, we believe that offering clients a portfolio of product options is a key to success. We will recommend a product solution that is proven, reliable and appropriate for your specific need.  And best of all about TIGHE INDUSTRIAL, we don't simply sell you a product a wish you luck, we partner with you to ensure everything runs smoothly.
   We succeed together!  Period.