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About US

TIGHE INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS was named in honor of Mr. Jim Tighe, a cherished family member and Oklahoma business owner for 35 years. Mr. Tighe received an engineering degree from Oklahoma State University and served in the U.S. Air Force. His passion for flying continued throughout his life, surpassed only by his passion for his business and his love for his family. Mr. Tighe reminded us that the Golden Rule applies in business as well as in our own personal lives. We are proud to be associated with his name and to carry his principles and practices in everything we do.

Custom Industrial automation solutions

About our name

TIGHE INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS provides automation product sales and
service to help clients maximize efficiency and increase profits.

We seek valued relationships based on trust and by providing an unparalleled
level of technical expertise and customer service.

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When TIGHE INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS (pronounced ‘tie’) is your go-to source for automation
service and product purchases, you have peace of mind that your automation and power decisions
are dependable, cost-effective and reliable. When partnering with TIGHE INDUSTRIAL, you receive:

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS - We understand your business has unique automation needs. Whether
you require a single control component or complete design, installation and maintenance, TIGHE
INDUSTRIAL provides you a custom solution so you can realize your company’s maximum potential.

EXPERT TEAM - Whether you are facing a shortage of skilled workers or simply need to extend your
current team’s capabilities, TIGHE INDUSTRIAL provides you with an in-house, one-stop shop for
Automation, PLC/Systems AND Electrical Support, our service technicians average 20+ years of
specialized expertise. You will benefit from our attention to detail and customer-first attitude.

PORTFOLIO of BRANDS - With decades of experience using multiple product brands, we believe
that offering clients a portfolio of product options is a key to success. We will recommend a product
solution that is proven, reliable and appropriate for your specific need. Best of all we don’t simply sell
you a product and wish you luck, we partner with you to ensure everything runs smoothly.

TRUE PARTNERSHIP - We succeed together. Period.